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Turn your ambition
into career success

Turn your ambition
into career success

Get connected with over 126+ coaches from our
global community

Get connected with over 126+ coaches from our global community

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Students in our community landed jobs in top firms like

Students in our community landed jobs in top firms like

Tools for your career success

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You want to get noticed by hiring manager but it’s tough to write the perfect resume. Resubi is our automated resume builder that allows you to build your resume in five steps, without worrying about the perfect format or information. People who use Resubi have gotten into top firms in technology, banking and consulting.

You’ve gotten the interviews you’ve worked for but it’s hard to predict what questions will come up. Kinobits is our exclusive question bank forum where you can view 100+ interview questions answered by professionals from BCG, Google, Goldman Sachs and more.

You know what industry you like but it’s competitive and difficult to get in. Our Courses is a video-based curriculum covering comprehensive interview skills and industry insights across industries such as Management Consulting, Banking, Technology, Venture Capital, and more.

You know what you want but you need extra guidance and support from the pros themselves. Our Marketplace is a marketplace of top-tier professionals that can provide you with guidance on career roadmapping, resume reviews and mock interviews. Access our 200+ coaches across top firms such as:

Kinobi Benefits


  • Gain personalised guidance from industry's best with 1:1 coaching
  • Gain industry "insider insights" by consuming our videos on-demand
  • Rub shoulders with Asia's top thought leaders in our Masterclasses

Coach Marketplace

John L. Kinobi Coach Profile

John L. 🇸🇬

Investment Banking

Investment Banking Analyst, BNP Paribas

Jefferson L. Kinobi Coach Profile

Jefferson L. 🇸🇬

Sales & Trading

Trading Analyst, UBS AG

Ankit Goswami Kinobi Coach Profile

Ankit G. 🇮🇳

Growth Hacking

Product Growth Marketing Leader, Airtel

Naresh N Kinobi Coach Profile

Naresh N. 🇸🇬

Tech Sales

Senior Sales Consultant, Meltwater

Elaine J Kinobi Coach Profile

Elaine J. 🇸🇬 🇺🇲

Management Consulting

Associate, Oliver Wyman

Yvonne L. 🇸🇬

Management Consulting

Analyst, YCP Solidiance

Lester N. Kinobi Coach

Lester N. 🇸🇬

Private Banking

Associate Banker, Citi Private Bank

Head of Creative Shop, Circles Life

Jim T. 🇸🇬

Growth Hacking

Growth Marketing Lead, Pelago

Crystal L. 🇸🇬

Growth Hacker

Digital Editor, Prestige Singapore

Cliff R. Kinobi Coach

Cliff R. 🇮🇩

Management Consulting, Venture Capitals

Head of Marketing, Qoala
Consultant, Deloitte
Consultant, Roland Berger
Senior Consultant, EY

andrew O. Kinobi Coach

Product Manager, ByteDance and Founder, Super, Bambify & Mint Ultimate

John L. Coach Profile

John L. 🇸🇬 🇦🇺

Management Consulting

Strategy Manager, Singtel

Benjamin Wong Kinobi Coach

Benjamin W. 🇸🇬

Private Equity

Kinobi Head Coach & CEO
Private Equity, ex-Alvarium

Hafiz K. Kinobi Coach

Hafiz K. 🇸🇬

Management Consulting

Kinobi Head Coach & COO
ex-Consultant at Oliver Wyman

Luc L. Kinobi Coach

Venture Capital Analyst, Vickers Venture Partners

Derrick Pang

Derrick P. 🇸🇬

Management Consulting, Investment Banking, Private Equity

Investment Banking Analyst, Maybank Kim Eng

Bryan S. 🇸🇬 🇮🇩

Investment Banking

Venture Capital Investments at Openspace Ventures,
ex-Investment Banking Analyst at Goldman Sachs

Jordan L. 🇸🇬

Investment Banking, Venture Capital

IBD Analyst, Barclays Investment Bank

Marcus S. 🇸🇬

Investment Banking

Analyst, Bank of America

Nickson T. 🇮🇩

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Management Trainee, Unilever

Kenny L. 🇸🇬

Technology Sales

Technology Cloud Sales Representative, Oracle

Chris F. 🇸🇬

Management Consulting

Senior Consultant, Delta Partners

Product Marketing Manager, Grab

Global Markets Associate at Nomura

Olivia K. 🇮🇩

Management Consulting

Head of Growth Marketing, Tokopedia

Andrew W. 🇬🇧 🇦🇪

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition Partner, Emirates Airlines

Jerrick C. 🇸🇬

Private Banking

Private Banking Assistant Relationship Manager, Credit Suisse AG

Cai F. 🇸🇬

Private Banking

Associate Director, GWM Advisory & Sales – Private Markets, UBS AG

Sean A. 🇸🇬

Sales & Trading

Credit Sales, UBS

Nico M. 🇮🇩 🇲🇾

Technology Sales

Client Partner Lead, Google

Danny W. 🇮🇩

Technology Sales

Market Manager, ex- Expedia , ex-Traveloka, ex-GOPAY

Avi S. 🇸🇬 🇨🇦

Technology Sales

Managing Partner, Mentor/Advisor, SpringUp Capital

Dessy Ratna S. 🇸🇬

Investment Banking

Investment Banking Analyst at Deutsche Bank

Vioni H. 🇮🇩

Fast-Moving Consumer Good

E-Commerce Store Operations at L’Oréal

Elizabeth W. 🇸🇬

Technology Sales

Account Manager at Oracle Netsuite

Beby F. 🇮🇩

Technology Sales

Sales Director at Technolution
ex- Senior Sales Solution Specialist at Microsoft

Sales Trader at IG

Rahul T. 🇸🇬

Private Equity, Investment Banking

Private Equity (Direct Investments), Private Debt (Direct Lending) at Partners Group

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What others are saying...

Stanley Darwin Chandra Kinobi Testimonial

Stanley Darwin Chandra

"It is an amazing progam that we got to learn many useful frameworks, especially focusing on tech sales. Not only learning by theory, but we also did multiple practical learnings so that we can understand better."

Ruqoyah Mazlan Kinobi testimonial

Ruqoyah Mazlan

“Kinobi has managed to get very engaging and knowledgeable speakers to talk about their personal experience in the field... It is a great opportunity for those who are new to mentoring and networking.”

Jayesh Singhania Kinobi Testimonial

Jayesh Singhania

"Never thought mentoring could be done in such a way that we don’t end up only learning from experts, but also building relationships overseas. Probably ended up being one of the best learning experience in a span of 3 months."

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