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Augustine Thia

Singapore Management University (SMU), Class of 2020
Account Development Rep; Full Time (2020)

“Kinobi provided me with a deeper understanding of the Tech BD scene through the coaching sessions and online videos.”


Augustine is a fresh graduate from Singapore Management University (SMU), graduating in 2020. Throughout his years in university, Augustine has placed roles in Unilever, EY and Nielsen. Prior to his current role in Mulesoft, he was an Associate in Protege Ventures. As a student, he was active in 5 different CCAs, from The Mentoring Circle, to SMU Athletics.

Currently, Augustine is taking on an Account Development Role in Mulesoft, a Salesforce company after exploring paths in Venture Capital and Management Consulting.

Augustine was a Premium Member who underwent 1-1 Coaching with various industry experts.

How Augustine found Kinobi:

I found Kinobi on LinkedIn via a post on free resources and I wanted to find out more. After dropping my email in the post, I wound up on a Zoom call w/ one of the Founders and he shared with me the benefits of Coaching.

During this chat, the Founder asked me which path I was interested in and gave me alternatives to it, something I really appreciated as I was initially keen on consulting but the hiring climate wasn’t the best. After talking me through the various pathways I could head into, I felt like I could trust him and the company as I thought it was truly genuine. As such, confidence in Kinobi’s services grew and I decided to go ahead with it!

Why Augustine joined Kinobi:

Coming from a Management Consulting background, I didn’t know much about the Technology Sales scene at all. Initially, I thought that all the information I needed could have been found online. However, that information was pretty one-dimensional and basic. 

With that in mind, I thought that Coaching would have given me a deeper understanding on the full process, from CVs & Interviews to excelling in the job. Another benefit I saw were the network effects within Kinobi which would help me stand out in an increasingly competitive job landscape.

Augustine's experience with Kinobi:

My goals were well met: I got a role in a company that I was interested in!

Throughout my time with Kinobi, I was put in touch with people from different companies, all of whom offered various insights into the industry. As it turns out, one of the Coaches whom I managed to speak to is also in my current company, Mulesoft!

Augustine's biggest takeaway:

Technically, the content and knowledge I received was great. This ranged from the lingo used in Tech Sales, to the various companies I could apply for, to how the job progression works in each company. Again, this gave me a deeper insight into the industry and how it works, empowering me to enter into my current role.

Seperately, the CV reviews I received were great and the feedback I received helped me to restructure it to make it more palatable to a hiring manager.

Advice for new Kinobi Members:

Get alignment with your Coach/s! Take the time to recognise what your desired outcomes are from using the services provided by Kinobi and head towards that goal.

Be proactive! Prepare whatever you need to before your session starts so that you don’t waste your own, as well as the Coach’s, time.

Augustine's next steps:

For the next 2 years, I’ll be gunning for a Senior Account Development Executive role. After this, I’ll be reassessing my current position and perhaps jump into a different role within Mulesoft!

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