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C.A - Private

Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Class of 2021

” I definitely learned a lot and have grown so much in my journey with Kinobi.”


C.A is an undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University who will be graduating in 2021. Throughout her years in university, C.A has worked in roles across Business Development, Asset Management and Consulting.

While she is still on her journey in identifying the best career path for herself, C.A has a strong liking for Private Banking.

C.A was a Premium Member who underwent our 1-1 Coaching Sessions.

How C.A found Kinobi:

A friend recommended me to Kinobi because I was looking for a job. He went through the 1-1 Coaching and managed to secure a role so when he found out about my needs, he gave me a referral!

Why C.A joined Kinobi:

My main objective was simply to find a job. Along with this, I felt really behind in terms of my preparation and the fact that I was able to speak to Coaches who have more expertise than I do was something I wanted.

I was also conflicted on whether I should head into Private Banking or Operations. I also thought that JDs on job openings were never as transparent as they should be, so I wanted an insider view on the various job scopes.

C.A's experience with Kinobi:

The CV review and 1-1 Coaching Sessions were my main takeaway from my time with Kinobi!

For my CV, I realised that there were so many things which I missed out which would have put me in a better spot than before. With the Coach’s guidance, my CV looks pretty solid now. The 1-1 Coaching Sessions were useful in identifying that my interest lied with Private Banking, which is what I’m headed for right now.

C.A's biggest takeaway:

Networking is something which I never really cherished before Kinobi. 

Through my time with Kinobi, I learned that networks really are way more crucial than I thought they were in getting a job & I won’t be forgetting that.

Advice for new Kinobi Members:

I would suggest going for the 1-1 Coaching Sessions not solely for the practical skills you pick up, but also the understand the perspectives and opinions of whichever Coach you’re talking to. Remember that they’re years ahead of you which equates to years more experience and understanding.

Also, please be proactive!!!

C.A's next steps:

Personally, I can still see myself pivoting from industry to industry as the Private Banking industry is undeniably tough to get into (although it is still my number one choice).

In this time, I’ll continue to explore various roles across industries and sectors before I settle on what I think would fit me best!

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