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Chin Ying Jie

Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), Class of 2021
AWS Marketplace Business Development Penultimate Internship (2020)

“At Kinobi, I found myself learning new tips and tricks that would benefit my career, despite already having prior industry experience.”


Ying Jie is an undergraduate at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) who will be graduating in 2021. Throughout his years in university, Ying Jie has placed roles in Amazon Web Services, Stashaway and Wantedly. He also co-founded a Business Strategy Club within SIM, which has > 100 applicants every year (of which only 20-30 are accepted).

Upon graduation, Ying Jie will be taking on a Business Development Representative role in DocuSign, a leading electronic agreement platform used by businesses and individuals throughout the world.

Ying Jie was a Member in our Tech Sales program in late-2020.

How Ying Jie found Kinobi:

I knew one of the Co-Founders before Kinobi even began and was blown away by his drive and passion for mentorship and careers. Quite frankly, I always wanted greater career support from my school regarding the Tech Sales industry but it simply wasn’t their focus (not throwing stones here though!).

When the team first launched the Tech Sales program, it appeared to fit my needs and wants at the time so I signed up! 

Why Ying Jie joined Kinobi:

Again, I really wanted a Coach who could guide me into the world of Tech Sales. Despite having some prior knowledge of the industry, I think that staying humble is the way to go if I really wanted to succeed in regards to my career. These seniors have a wealth of expertise and perspective which I really wanted to learn from. 

Apart from this, networks! I had a hunch that network development would be key to help me grow and Kinobi was the best platform to accomplish that!

Ying Jie's experience with Kinobi:

It was great! Let me get to this in 2 parts.

  1. Content: The content was well prepared and super relevant to my needs as an incoming Tech Sales graduate. For example, we were taught on cultural norms and practices in the various ASEAN countries by citizens themselves. I already knew the importance of being culturally aware, but this segment taught me how to apply it afterwards!

  2. Coaches: Coaches were able to emphatise with me during the program – something I really appreciated. The experience they brought to the table broadened my perspectives on the regional market!
Ying Jie's biggest takeaway:


Prior to joining Kinobi, I already had a hunch that networks were important. Kinobi confirmed it.

As a student, lots of us tend to overlook it’s benefits (eg. Why should I bother… Who would listen to me…) but Kinobi’s program turned all that around for me. More specifically, here are the 3 key tips I took away from Kinobi. (1) Why I should network, (2) How to network, (3) Acting on my network.

Advice for new Kinobi Members:

Firstly, learn & apply. There’s no point in using Kinobi’s resources (be it the free Question Bank or the paid 1-1 Coaching Sessions) if you aren’t going to apply what you’ve learnt.

Second, build relationships. If you’re being coached by a professional, don’t see it as transactional in nature. Try to get to know your Coach personally but please don’t be fake or ingenuine about it – no one likes a snake.

Ying Jie's next steps:

Since my internship with Amazon Web Services (AWS), I’ve been able to land a full-time role in Docusign, a leading e-signature company, when I graduate later in 2021! My role will be a Business Development Rep primarily covering the ASEAN market.

Apart from that, I’ll continue to expand my network, build relationships with the people around me and continue to equip myself with industry relevant skills.

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