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Darren Koh

University of Melbourne, Class of 2021
YCP Solidiance Management Consulting Internship (2021)

“I had close to zero knowledge on case interviews, and now I’m able to structure and answer them way more confidently!”


Darren is an undergraduate at the University of Melbourne. Throughout his years in university, Darren has worked as a Project Consultant at multiple companies, was a Strategy & Business Development Manager as well as a Corporate Finance Analyst at Spenmo.

Through Kinobi, Darren was able to land a Management Consulting Internship at YCP Solidiance and has been offered a full time transformation role at a regional bank.

Darren was a Premium Member who underwent 1-1 Coaching with various industry experts.

How Darren found Kinobi:

It was during the lockdown in Singapore that I found Kinobi via it’s social media. They were running a few webinars on different career paths and I wanted to learn more about the different industries, more specifically Management Consulting.

Why Darren joined Kinobi:

I came in with an interest in Management Consulting, but didn’t know how to answer or structure a case interview at all. I wanted to have 1-1 Coaching to learn how to structure a case in a logical and concise manner and to also learn about what a hiring manager was looking out for.

Darren's experience with Kinobi:

My experience was great. I came in with close to zero knowledge on answering case questions. My Coach gave me guidance in tackling the various types of case interviews and gave me insight on how I should be approaching the entire interview process from start to end.

I’d say that I am now able to show breadth and depth of thinking when tackling the case and elaborating on the relevant factors to showcase my business acumen when interviewing.

Darren's biggest takeaway:

To me, the technical ability of answering cases was my biggest takeaway. With the coaching, it showed me how to create a structure for my response, generate ideas in a logical manner and also present it to the interviewer succintly.

Advice for new Kinobi Members:

Supplement your coaching with studying and your own research. You will then be able to maximise time during your Coaching Sessions by clarifying any doubts or utilise it by running through mock cases. Through this, you’ll be able to maximise your Coaching Sessions with your Coach.

Darren's next steps:

I’ll be joining UOB as a Management Associate in their Transformation Office, a nice intersection of Financial Services and Consulting.

I am also looking to continue to grow my technical skills especially in the areas of casing and financial modelling.

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