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Felicia Lee

Singapore Management University (SMU), Class of 2021
SAP APJ Partner Business Operations Associate Student Intern (2020-2021)

“Kinobi’s program has been an amazing platform for me to broaden my knowledge and skillsets”


Felicia is an undergraduate at the Singapore Management University (SMU) who will be graduating in 2021. Throughout her years in university, Felicia has had internship experience in Henkel, Sales & Marketing, Oglivy, Account Servicing & Strategy, and held an Events Director role in SMU’s Marketing Society.

Currently, Felicia is a Student Intern at SAP currently working with clients from across the region and is considering continuing on after graduation.

Felicia was a Member in our Tech Sales program in late-2020.

How Felicia found Kinobi:

I found Kinobi via LinkedIn when they were advertising their webinars during Circuit Breaker at the start of 2020 (Singapore’s version of lockdown). I was looking for my next internship opportunity and honestly wanted to explore different industries to find out where I would fit best in. It was during this time that the Tech BD program was advertised and I signed up!

Why Felicia joined Kinobi:

I was always interested in tech and was previously in an accounts role in an advertising agency. I felt like I liked it and wanted to try out more things related to BD, accounts or sales.

I thought that Kinobi would be a good platform for me to expand my knowledge so I signed up!

Felicia's experience with Kinobi:

It was pretty fun and I learnt alot – special shoutout to my Coach Onnicha who I’m still in contact with!

My Coach helped me to understand myself better as a person and accurately identify my strengths and weaknesses to keep growing. She is someone who I feel I can really look up to & share my life with!

Felicia's biggest takeaway:

I always believed that salespeople just need to be great talkers but the truth is, sales is about listening rather than talking. This was something I never understood until I joined Kinobi. 

I initially thought that my qualities of being emphatic and a good listener wouldn’t be advantageous to me in a sales role, but now I realise it may put me at an advantage in the Tech Sales world! 

Sales is truly about learning about the customer as much as possible to provide the best value to them rather than just trying to hit targets and close deals.

Advice for new Kinobi Members:

I think you should leverage on the networks of the people around and senior to you (your Coaches). These are people who have a different set of experiences and have walked an entirely different journey than you. There’s always stuff to learn.

Felicia's next steps:

It’s going to depend on the opportunities put in front of me – I am quite burnt out right now. Personally, I love Tech Sales yet I wouldn’t want to rush into it without planning out and scoping my other options!

For now, I’m going to spend time to discover my goals in what I would want in a career.

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