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Lufthansa Judge Priansyah

Diponegoro Univeristy, Class of 2022
Kinobi Sales & Marketing Internship (2021)

“I’ve been wanting to do business development for some time already, and the Coaches + resources from Kinobi were extremely helpful!”


Lufthansa is an undergraduate at Diponegoro University who will be graduating in 2022. Throughout his years in university, Lufthansa has taken on Business Development Internships at and LindungiHutan, and has a prior internship at Bank Jateng.

Lufthansa is trying for a full-time business development role after university as he’s found that it is his passion.

Lufthansa was a Member who went underwent 1-1 Coaching Sessions with Kinobi Coaches, and he loved us so much that he decided to apply for our very own internship opening! Needless to say, he got it!

How Lufthansa found Kinobi:

One of Kinobi’s posts were on LinkedIn and on it’s other social media sites. Being a student, it really intrigued me to find out more about Kinobi’s different services and products to see if it could help me in my career journey.

From there, I decided to check out the website and reach out to the team!

Why Lufthansa joined Kinobi:

As a aspiring student who sees a future in Business Development, I wanted specialised advice to help me in preparing for my career. With this in mind, I decided to go for the 1-1 Coaching so that I could meet with different Coaches from various companies to get their perspectives!

Lufthansa's experience with Kinobi:

The Coaching Sessions went really well. The Coaches were very detailed and clear in answering my questions and in sharing about Business Development. I could ask anything which I wanted (there was no such thing as a stupid question) and I always felt comfortable with the Coaches.

Overall, I’d say that my experience was pretty pleasant 🙂

Lufthansa's biggest takeaway:

I think that my newfound insight into the mind of a hiring manager and how a company hires is super powerful. Being a student, I used to see things from my point of view because I didn’t know how these hiring managers thought. Now I do.

Advice for new Kinobi Members:

Spend the time to talk to different Coaches because from my experience, they truly are dedicated to my success. Knowing that you have someone who has walked your path before to guide you made me feel at ease.

Furthermore, they have the knowledge and experience which you don’t have right now – so leverage on that fact and always ask questions!

Why Lufthansa joined Kinobi:

Throughout my coaching journey, any touch points I had with the Kinobi team were pleasant, helping me to trust them as a whole. The team was proactive in scheduling sessions and recommending Coaches which were the best fit for my goals. The culture seemed right so I applied!

As a Sales & Marketing Intern in Kinobi, I have been given responsibilities in sales which will undoubtedly prepare me for my future career.

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