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M.L - Private

Singapore Management University (SMU), Class of 2024
PrimePartners Corporate Finance Year 1 Summer Internship (2021)

“Kinobi has been a tremendous help to me… especially in my first year of university.”


M.L is an undergraduate at the Singapore Management University (SMU) who will be graduating in 2020. Despite only being in his first year of university, M.L took a keen interest in finance and wanted to broaden his knowledge.

Through Kinobi’s Coaching session, M.L has placed a Summer Internship at PrimePartners Corporate Finance as an Investment Banking Analyst Intern

M.L is currently a Premium Member using the 1-1 Coaching Sessions.

How M.L found Kinobi:

When I started Year 1, I tried to find various forms of mentorship online because I recognised how important it was. During this time, one of Kinobi’s Telegram blasts were on the Ask.SMU telegram channel and it interested me.

From here, I reached out to the team and got in contact with one of the Co-Founders. We had a chat on Coaching and my goals and it was from here that I saw the value in the Coaching and decided to join!

Why M.L joined Kinobi:

For me, I wanted to walk the path of successful SMU seniors to really learn and follow whatever they did. The easiest way to do this would be to engage with these seniors as often as possible so that they can directly understand my needs and then guide me to my career goals.

During my chats with the Co-Founder, I also found that Kinobi really stressed on personal development in addition to the necessary technical skills.

M.L's experience with Kinobi:

Yes it has totally met – and possibly exceeded – my expectations! I’m really pleased with how everything has run so far.

M.L's biggest takeaway:

I think there were quite a few things which I’ve picked up from the sessions but here are the more notable ones.

During the first few Coaching Sessions, I was exposed to how I ought to plan out my university journey (When to take an LOA, where to apply to etc) which has really helped me.

Something else I’ve picked up is on personal development and how soft skills are really critical in succeeding.

Advice for new Kinobi Members:

Prepare questions before every Coaching session and identify the objective behind every question you may have.

Not everything happens in a day. Trust the process and trust your Coach – not blindly though!

M.L's next steps:

My last few months with Kinobi have been super fruitful and I’m intending to continue using their service till the end of university!

As a Year 1 with limited experience, I’ve been able to land a role in PrimePartners Corporate Finance through Kinobi! I’m also planning to take an LOA and a Summer Internship in Year 2 to get experience. 

In the meantime, I’ll continue to build up my knowledge on this subject matter.

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