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S.K - Private

Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Class of 2021
Wavemaker Venture Partners, Internship (2021)

“My Coach was committed to me, accommodating my requests even at midnight or 1am – Thank you!”


S.K is an undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) who will be graduating in 2021. S.K plays a crucial role in his university, and is part of the Exco for a consulting club.

Through Kinobi, S.K has been able to secure an internship at Wavemaker Partners as a Venture Capital Intern.

S.K was a Kinobi Premium Member, and had access to 1-1 Coaching Sessions from end-2020 till early 2021..

How S.K found Kinobi:

I recall looking through random profiles on LinkedIn and stumbled on one of the Co-Founders. I saw that he was creating Kinobi and wanted to connect with him to find out more.

He and I connected and took some time to chat. It was then that he asked me to check out the website to find out more about Kinobi.

Why S.K joined Kinobi:

I wanted career guidance on things like tailoring my CV, writing cover letters and getting ready for interviews. Personally, I craved for greater access to career resources since there wasn’t much of it in school.

I knew that having continuous feedback as well as having the chance to speak to professionals for guidance would be helpful in my career preparation.

S.K's experience with Kinobi:

I had an enjoyable and fruitful time with Kinobi – big thanks to my Coach who was super dedicated!

We would have Coaching Sessions at the weirdest timings (some of them even at 1am or 2am). My Coach would help me prepare for interviews whenever we could find an open slot. It was a wonderful experience.

S.K's biggest takeaway:

Networking and connections are super important in a career. Having people who can 1) introduce you to others for opportunities and 2) teach you what they know are simply so valuable in todays world.

On a more technical side, I’ve realised that tailoring my CV to different job applications DOES make a difference.

Advice for new Kinobi Members:

Ask any and all questions that you may have. This helps you to make the most of your 1-1 Coaching Sessions. Personally, I even asked questions like “What do I wear in an interview?” and “What is the best way to greet an interviewer?”.

Take the effort to keep in touch with your Coaches to build that relationship.

S.K's next steps:

After my exams, I’ll be headed to a major commodities company in a full-time role! I’ll continue to upskill myself and be of as much value as possible to wherever I am.

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