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Kinobi Pymetrics games article

Pymetrics Games Guide 2021 – Succeed in Hiring Tests

Topics Covered: Overview of Pymetrics Games How to Ace the Pymetrics Games Preparation Before Assessment During the Assessment Games You Will Encounter Overview of Pymetrics Games Pymetrics games are assessments that use the power of games to measure and develop skills on a continuous basis. Pymetrics deploys a series of neuroscience-based games to measure individuals’…
How to Ace HireVue Interviews

How to Ace HireVue Interviews

Topics Covered: What are HireVue Assessments How to prepare for HireVue Assessments? Do's and Don'ts During Interview Physical preparation Video interview assessment Past behaviour questions Scenario-based simulations Game assessment Questions to Prepare for What are HireVue Assessments? HireVue games are designed specifically to assess psychological traits and cognitive skills that are…
True or False? Technology Sales edition

True or False? Technology Sales Edition

This week we will be talking about debunking the common misconceptions of the business development role in big tech, continuing our series in Intro to Tech Sales. Let's dive in! Business Development (BD) = Business + Development. What does it mean to be a BD Professional. As we have dissected them, Business simply means, what…
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