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Changing the world to empower you | Solve Education x Kinobi x SYTB

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An alignment in values

Here at Kinobi, our main mission is to democratize access to career education across Asia. By providing equal access to guidance and mentorship, we aim to level the playing field and empower the younger generation to take on the corporate world. One of the ways we have ventured out to do so is through establishing our Coach Marketplace. Kinobi Members, comprising mostly undergraduates, are matched with industry professionals for one-on-one career coaching sessions based on their occupational interests at an hourly fee. Through this program, students are given the opportunity to journey toward their career aspirations under the close and expert guidance of our Kinobi Coaches.

Kinobi’s quest to smoothen the rocky path that today’s youth often tread in their transition to adulthood very much aligns with what non-profit organizations Solve Education! and Say Yes to Books (SYTB) have set out to do.

Tackling this issue from a more technological angle, Solve Education! aims to revolutionize children’s education through the incorporation of digital learning that anyone and everyone can tap into, regardless of socioeconomic background. In releasing its new mobile game application, Dawn of Civilization, Solve Education! has taken a propelling step in its mission to give students all around the world equitable – and fun – opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the modern era.

In the same vein, SYTB is a mobile library dedicated to developing literacy in the more rural parts of Indonesia, where children have disproportionately limited access to adequate education. Its outreach programs have brought more than 600 books to these areas, along with book reviewing sessions, skills-development tutorials, and other activities that facilitate both learning and play among the students. In this manner, SYTB strives to lay out a foundation for less fortunate children to build not just their literacy, but the life skills needed to reach their fullest potential in this day and age.

Meaningful partnerships

The visions and goals that Kinobi, Solve Education!, and SYTB all hold at their cores are closely intertwined with one another and have recently blossomed into official partnerships that embody a shared desire to uplift today’s youth and the generations to come. In these collaborations, Kinobi’s coaches are given the option to donate their coaching fee earnings to one of the two non-profit organizations. This may seem like just a simple act of goodwill, but it is one that goes a long way in driving their pursuit of providing accessible education for all.

Through these partnerships, Kinobi seeks to provide assistance to both Solve Education!’s and SYTB’s development plans. These include improving on existing products and services to optimize their impacts on target communities, undertaking new projects that bring them closer to reaching their goals, as well as expanding their reach, so as to touch more and more lives.

Hafiz Kasman, Chief Operating Officer at Kinobi says, “Our goal through these meaningful partnerships is to help both Solve Education! and SYTB in their valiant efforts to democratize learning and skills acquisition across the globe. All of us here at Kinobi, including our community of coaches, wish to contribute to organizations that have had such unprecedented impact on the ecosystem we have set out to nurture”.

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