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Common Career Questions (Ver. 2 coming soon...)

It is not a necessity to have a background in business or accountancy.  However this is the most preferred way to show you have the requisite skill-sets to get a first round interview because of the competitive nature of the industry. There are cases of those from engineering backgrounds entering. One way to show you have the skill-sets is to take up financial modelling courses online and showcase the certificates, such as from BIWS, CFI or Kinobi.

Yes, GPA is a deciding factor. Due to the competitive nature of getting into top jobs such as consulting and banking, it is tough for companies to sort out thousands of resumes. The fastest cut is through GPA. However, GPA is not the only factor. Everyone knows that GPA is not the best indicator of whether someone is good at the job. It only shows that you are reasonably capable at succeeding in tasks and taking instructions. At Kinobi we believe that networking and being memorable is far more important to getting your resume to the top of the pile.

Start by going into boutique firms or high growth startups. This shows that you have the capability to perform under high pressure environments.

Most boutique firms do not have the brand name to hire the best yet, and look for people who may not have the requisite skill-sets, but are coachable in a short span of time to perform well.

This applies also for startups who are in high growth after raising a seed or Series A round. The founders usually come from IB and MC backgrounds and have connections and knowledge to mentor you to get you into these internships.

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Wait! Where do your questions come from?

We have curated our questions based on our direct interaction with our coaches who come from industry’s best in Asia.

Get smart on the basics of each industry. Ensure you’re well prepared before any networking event, coaching session or interviews.

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