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Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct provides guidelines for the behaviour of both Coaches and Members. At Kinobi, we believe in supercharging the careers of the next generation. We hope that these guidelines can help you to achieve this vision by assisting you to build fulfilling and honest relationships between Coaches and Members.  

By accessing or using the Kinobi website and/ or any of Kinobi’s services, you are agreeing to abide by this Code of Conduct. Failure to abide by this Code of Conduct, our Terms of Use, or any other applicable Regulations and Policies may result, among other things, in termination of your account with or without notice, as determined by Kinobi in its sole discretion.

Kinobi reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or delete portions of this Code of Conduct at any time without further notice. It is your responsibility to regularly check the Kinobi website to determine if there have been changes to this Code of Conduct and to review such changes.

1. Abiding by Coach and Member Guidelines

  • At all times, Coaches and Members will abide by the respective Coach and Member Guidelines which lay out in greater detail the appropriate protocols and instructions to follow.

2. Confidentiality

  • Throughout, the Coach and Member will maintain a high level of confidentiality which is appropriate and is agreed upon with Kinobi at the start of the relationship.
  • Coaches and Members shall not use any ideas, products, or materials that have been shared in confidence with them to further their own business or financial interests; and shall maintain the confidentiality of all ideas, products, or materials that have been entrusted to them.

3. Conflicts of interest. 

  • Any conflicts of interest between Coaches and Members should be highlighted immediately to Kinobi.
  • Coaches and Members shall not promote goods or services from sources in which they have a financial or personal interest.

4. Responsibility

  • Coaches and Members should have the best interest at heart when participating in Classes and Sessions. Members are responsible to manage their own learning, and Coaches will be committed to meet the needs of Members within reason.
  • Coaches and Members will respect each other’s time and other responsibilities, ensuring they do not impose beyond what is reasonable.

5. Mentors will understand and adhere to their personal limitations.

  • Coaches should never work beyond the bounds of their capability, experience, and expertise. Where Coaches feel unqualified, they should refer Members to other possible sources of information, taking advice from Kinobi if necessary.
  • Coaches shall not provide medical or legal advice to Members.

6. Displaying integrity.

  • Coaches and Members are expected to show up to their meetings as planned, generally be available for communication, and follow through on any other commitments related to the Kinobi coaching obligations.

7. Boundary management.

  • Coaches and Members will respect personal boundaries to ensure preserved privacy and promote a healthy balance in the relationship.
  • Friendships between Coaches and Members may develop or deepen over time. However, it is important to maintain a clear mentoring relationship and not allow personal bias to influence professional actions.  Stay mindful of maintaining confidentiality, objectivity and equal partnership.
  • Coaches will avoid any romantic relationship with any Kinobi Members. Coaches will be alert to the possibility of any potential romantic intimacy during a period of Coaching and take appropriate action to avoid the intimacy or cancel the engagement in order to provide a safe environment.

8. Respecting others.

  • Communication should be professional, and not be obscene or offensive.

9. Duty to report conduct violations.

  • Coaches and Members have a duty to report any ethical breaches or conduct violations to the Kinobi team.
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