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Technology Sales

  • Course level: Beginner


Tech Sales, including business development, forms the backbone of driving these tech firms forward. With the massive growth potential, Tech Sales executives are at the forefront of innovation.

At Kinobi, we cover the range of skills and case topics needed for you to get from fresh-eyed student, to becoming an Consultant in a Management Consulting, and going forward to building your consultant toolkit, general industry understanding and case skills.

Join the most comprehensive Tech Sales curriculum, built in collaboration with coaches from:

If you’ve ever wanted to join Tech Sales, here’s the consolidated Bible.

Important Things to Note:

  • You will receive a graded certificate at the end of the course curriculum, upon request
  • Completion of Mock Interview is required for ‘Distinction’, else ‘Pass’ will be awarded
  • Should you choose not to schedule a mock interview, please reach out to us at with a screenshot of your pathway progress bar to obtain your certificate (upon completion of all video lessons)

What Will I Learn?

  • Knowledge on top tech firms are across Asian markets
  • Nuances of how to sell and handle enterprise sales process
  • Carry a sale from the start of the sales cycle to the end – from prospecting to qualifying to executing the sale, to handling objections, and finally managing post-sales
  • Interview and resume mastery to get into Tech Sales

Topics for this course

22 Lessons4h 46m

A. Introduction to Technology Sales

Module 1: Introduction to Technology Sales
Module 2: Soft Skills Framework
Module 3: Basic Negotiations
Quiz 1: Introduction to Technology Sales
Feedback for Modules 1 to 3

B. Know Your…

C. Dealing with Leads, Creating & Executing Strategy

D. Nearing the End

E. Getting Ready for Your New Role

F. Mock Interview (required for ‘Distinction’ grade)

Material Includes

  • 4+ Hours of Technology Sales curriculum, including video, instruction & a free 1-to-1 mock interview

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  • Year 1-4 undergraduates, or MBA/Masters candidates
  • Interested in Technology Sales or tech industry
  • No prior experience is needed, except a high ownership mindset
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