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Venture Capital

  • Course level: Beginner
  • Categories pathways
  • Last Update February 8, 2021


[Note: Venture Capital pathway will be available for all Kinobi Lite, Standard & Premium members by end March 2021]

Venture capitalists provide proprietary experience, capital, and access to networks to add value to passionate entrepreneurs. They transform seed start-ups into industry leaders.

At Kinobi, we cover the range of topics and skills needed for you to get from fresh-eyed student, to becoming an Analyst in a Venture Capital firm, and going forward to building your industry knowledge, relationship management skills, and becoming a well-rounded generalist rockstar.

Consolidate lessons across top tier VC funds here. If you’ve ever wanted to join Venture Capital, here’s the consolidated Bible.

Important Things to Note:

  • You will receive a graded certificate at the end of the course curriculum, upon request
  • Completion of Mock Interview is required for ‘Distinction’, else ‘Pass’ will be awarded
  • Should you choose not to schedule a mock interview, please reach out to us at with a screenshot of your pathway progress bar to obtain your certificate (upon completion of all video lessons)

What Will I Learn?

  • Career landscape in Asia and career progression in VC
  • Knowledge on deal sourcing and evaluation in Asia
  • Use back of envelope analysis to analyse deals
  • Conduct commercial and financial due diligence
  • Build an investment memorandum for IC
  • Interview and resume mastery to get into VC

Topics for this course

20 Lessons

A. Introduction to Venture Capital

Module 1: What is Venture Capital?
Module 2: Compensation & Career Progression
Module 3: Basic Skillsets in VC
Feedback for Modules 1 to 3

B. Overview of Start-up & VC Landscape in Asia

C. Qualifying Deals

D. Analysing the Start-up

E. Defining Return of Investment

F. Negotiating the Deal

G. Building the Investment Memorandum

H. Resume & Interviews

I. Mock Interview (required for ‘Distinction’ grade)

Material Includes

  • 4+ Hours of Venture Capital curriculum, including video, instruction & a free 1-to-1 mock interview

You must have a membership plan to enroll in this course.


  • Year 1-4 undergraduates, or MBA/Masters candidates
  • Interested in Venture Capital, tech industry or start-ups
  • No prior experience is needed, except a high ownership mindset
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