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Every Filipino should have the right to achieve and discover their talents

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Every Filipino should have the right to achieve and discover their talents

Accessibility, affordability, and quality of education are the biggest challenges that the Philippines currently faces. 1 in every 10 Filipinos aged 6 to 24 years is an out of school child and youth.  This directly impacts its employment rate. Out of this necessity, companies like Kinobi and PHINMA Education collaborate by giving young Filipinos quality education and career preparation to become high-potential employees.

Here at Kinobi, we believe that it is a human right for everyone to discover their talents. Through that, we provide digital career tools to help empower young Filipinos who are having a difficult time obtaining preparation tools for a higher level of employment. We are a freemium platform that provides an automated resume builder, a common career question bank, and video-based courses to empower our users in achieving success in their chosen career paths.

In response, Kinobi Philippines and PHINMA Education, announced the collaboration between the two companies to provide their respective success tools and empower the students in achieving success.

The aim of this partnership is to empower the PHINMA Education students to achieve success in their chosen career paths. Combined with Kinobi’s digital career tools and the high quality of education that PHINMA provides to its students, we desire to uplift the Philippines Gen Z to its next stage of growth.

Benjamin Wong, the CEO & Co-founder of Kinobi says, “Young Filipinos should grow up with their hopes and dreams fully purposed to succeed. Their hunger to succeed drives me at Kinobi to want them to succeed. This is why this collaboration with PHINMA is very important to us. We want the school and the students to have the best experience on our platform, which is why we work very hard at Kinobi to refresh our web app each week. Our goal? To get them good, decent jobs to uplift families.”

Kinobi Philippines

Kinobi Philippines is a digital career accelerator providing you with career tools to get hired. Check out our resume builder, question bank, virtual internships and coaches at

PHINMA Education

PHINMA Education is a business institution that believes providing quality education is one of the solutions to many of the country’s problems. Currently, it is now composed of 6 secondary and tertiary schools all over the country.

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