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Frequently Asked Questions

Kinobi Standard & Premium members are able to access one of 120+ our coaches in our Coach Marketplace. Typically the match can happen within 48-72hrs of the member triggering the request. This is especially so if you have 2-3 coaches in mind after searching the database.

Let’s compare Video Curricula. At Kinobi, we give you access to a wide range of curriculum (not just one) at an affordable subscription price (not one-time, expensive). In our cheapest model (i.e. Kinobi Lite), we were also sure to add-in live Weekly Group Coaching sessions into the mix. We’re also tailored to the Asian context (not US). No other platforms compare, really. 

Let’s compare Coaches. At Kinobi, we give you access to not just a few or a dozen, but 120+ coaches in total across 6 countries in Asia. They also span multiple industries, and within these industries, they’re in the top firms. No other platforms compare in this aspect too, really.

The Kinobi team will do an initial Discovery Session to see if Kinobi has the right product for the user and, if yes, then identify which membership packages would suit you.

In our most premium product (i.e. Kinobi Premium), we require you to be intensively engaged for about 6-12 hours per month – with a mix of video curriculum, group coaching and 1-to-1 coaching. This may sound like a lot – but if you’re serious about planning your 30-40+ year career, this commitment can reap huge dividends.

Our coaches love teaching and elevating the next-generation. The issue is that it’s difficult to distinguish whom to mentor (i.e. differentiate between serious students and those that are less-than-serious).

For the coaches on our platform, the main draw is having students that they know are highly enthusiastic and will act on feedback quickly & effectively. This makes all the time spent worthwhile for our coaches.

Our coaches are also able to use the platform to find potential talent to hire into their firms and be a part of Kinobi’s coaching community of high-performing individuals.

In addition, coaches are also paid a nominal sum (majority of fees paid by members) – although this is small relative to what our coaches are typically paid in their day jobs.

We will assess you during our Discovery Session and provide you with a realistic range of targets we can hope to achieve for you. We will do the best on our part to ensure you meet these goals.

Schedule a meeting and we’ll see which Kinobi product suits you best.

All our coaches have gone through a vetting process by our Founders. We assess them based on the fact that they: (i) are known top-bracket performers in highly-competitive industries, (ii) have a track record of mentoring & coaching success, and (iii) are genuinely nice people.

There is little reason to not take your 30-40+ year career seriously – especially given the fact that these pathways are highly competitive.

Like many aspects of life where you would typically hire a coach or a tutor, such as sports, music, secondary tuition, the question is: Why haven’t you hired a coach yet for your long and fulfilling career?

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