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Helping aid the employability crisis in the Philippines

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Helping aid the employability crisis in the Philippines

Being in a pandemic, thousands of Filipinos lost their jobs, causing unemployment rates to rise. Through that, several companies emerged to aid the employability crisis in the Philippines. We are glad to be part of the fight for employability, as Kinobi and FastJobs share the same mission of connecting and preparing Filipinos to achieve a high level of employment. 

In plugging the gap, Kinobi Philippines, the local branch of Kinobi Asia, has surged in demand from users across the country, taking up 20% of Kinobi’s current user base, stretching to even Visayas and Mindanao. The main driver of growth is TikTok – growing 10x in terms of followers and likes in just 2 months with videos reaching 1M+ views and 100+ comments asking and exhorting others to sign up for Kinobi’s digital career tools.

In response, Kinobi Philippines and FastJobs Philippines, announced the availability of an integration between the two companies to provide their respective career tools and empower their users to achieve higher employability. 

The aim of this partnership is to empower both Kinobi and FastJobs users to achieve success in their respective career paths. Whereas Kinobi helps individuals prepare for the workforce, FastJobs fills in the gap of matching Filipinos to jobs. 

Through this synergy, the Kinobi Philippines community will be able to utilize FastJob’s resources as a next step to Kinobi’s career tools, to directly apply for a job and jumpstart their careers. In the same vein, FastJobs users will be able to utilize Kinobi’s mobile-optimized career tools, such as the resume and interview mastery virtual courses, to gain a competitive advantage in landing a job.

Benjamin Wong, the CEO & Co-founder of Kinobi says, “Our mobile-optimized career tools on our website have seen a jump of 10x in the Philippines as students and early career professionals desire to prepare themselves for better jobs. Many said that you have prepared us well – what’s next? Why not connect us to these jobs? Thus, we see our partnership with FastJobs as synergistic in closing the job loop and helping our users get hired.”

Kinobi Philippines

Kinobi Philippines is a digital career accelerator providing you with career tools to get hired. Check out our resume builder, question bank, virtual internships and coaches at 

FastJobs Philippines

FastJobs Philippines is a fast and simple mobile platform for both job seekers and employers to fill non-executive and part-time jobs on the go.

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