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Kinobi x ArccSpaces Strategic Partnership

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Kinobi x ArccSpaces Strategic Partnership

Kinobi is Asia’s leading digital career accelerator and our goal is to help every Gen Z student to move up their career. Founded in 2020, Kinobi is headquartered in Singapore and has experienced exponential growth with teams across the region (Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, etc). In less than a year, we have onboarded over 50,000 students and early career professionals at a 25% compound weekly growth rate from various high-demand industries like Banking, Consulting, FMCG, Tech, and more and have placed hundreds of them into companies of their choice (Goldman Sachs, Google, SAP, etc) through our referral system. It is with pleasure and pride that we can officially announce the Kinobi x ArccSpaces partnership:

1. We believe in embracing & leveraging change in the Future of Work

Jobs are no longer as linear and straightforward as they once were 10-20 years ago. At Kinobi, we see bankers and consultants leaving their jobs to risk it all in the next big startup, and tons of young students eager to find the role which suits them best. In the same way, leading flexible workspace operators like Arcc Spaces are not only managing space but providing their tenants with a platform to meet, collaborate and access talent. The world as we know it has changed – and we are here for the ride.

As Kinobi expands its footprint across Asia it is delighted to be able to serve Arcc Spaces clientele in Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur.

To us, Arcc Spaces has a long history of working with both SME and Enterprise Clientele. Through our partnership, we are bringing the brightest minds in Asia’s Gen Z and helping companies to adapt and be ready for the next big thing!

2. How we bring the best and the brightest to you

At Kinobi, this is how we funnel Asia’s best directly to teams. First, we are close to the ground. With over 100+ partnerships with universities and student clubs across Asia, we know their precise needs and how to prepare them for their next big role. Second, we use this data to build our products. We have tons of resources like an automated Resume Builder, an Interview Question Bank forum, and curated Courses to develop their technical and soft skills. This ensures that potential hires are fully ready to excel in your company. Finally, we filter according to your needs. Every team has a specific set of requirements, but that’s just the baseline. Within our platform (you can check it out for free at, our graded quizzes and tests act as a final sieve before we personally recommend valuable talent to you. This ensures that those who end up on your interview tables are as good as they get.

3. Kinobi x ArccSpaces

Benjamin Wong, Co-founder & CEO at Kinobi says, “Our goal is to be able to power up the next generation of companies with hungry talent that has high ownership and willingness to learn. The war on talent is a strong one, and we believe that our proprietary tools in our platform make it the best way to attract and sieve out the best talent for companies organically.”

Nim Sivakumaran, Head of Strategic Partnerships Arcc Spaces says, “We are delighted to be engaging with Kinobi to provide Arcc Spaces Tenants across Asia-Pacific access to the very best Gen-Z talent in the region”.

We at Kinobi are really enthused to be able to do this with Arcc Spaces who has expanded immensely over the past few years. With the Kinobi x ArccSpaces partnership, our companies and talents can look forward to an increasingly democratized and accessible platform to connect, match and secure suitable talents like never before. 

About Kinobi

Kinobi is a digital career accelerator providing you with career tools to get hired. We’re currently across 6 countries in Asia with close to 50,000 users on our platform. Check out our resume builder, question bank, virtual internships and coaches at

About Arcc Spaces

Arcc Spaces is a shared workspace brand with 16 locations across Asia that works with corporates to transform the way they work and drive innovation through a network of hospitality-led spaces. Headquartered in Singapore, Arcc Spaces has locations across Malaysia, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. We provide access to a collection of beautifully designed business hubs, lounges and labs grounded in landmark projects across the world’s gateway cities to empower today’s leaders to meet, collaborate, learn and access talents and opportunities. Arcc Spaces is a part of the Arcc Holdings, a transformative real estate and hospitality company that develops and operates a range of concepts in the areas of ‘Work, Live and Play’. For more information, please visit

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