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Amanda C.

Growth Hacking

Professional & Academic Experience
  • Product Marketing Manager, Grab
  • Regional Marketing Assistant Manager, Grab
  • Graduated MSc in Consumer Affairs from Technical University of Munich
Coaching Experience

  • 2 hours a week

Amanda's Specialisation

Coaches can cover a variety of topics based on your needs. 

  • Case Interview Practice

    Practise your case skills (e.g. management consulting, finance technicals) with qualified seasoned interviewers.

  • Aceing Your Internship

    Know how to prep for your internship and best position yourself for the coveted return offer.

  • Career Mapping

    Our career mapping strategy planning will help you build a clear, detailed pathway of how to get where you want to be.

  • Experience Sharing

    Get insider insights on the daily lives of seasoned professionals.

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