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Travis L.

Sales & Trading

Professional & Academic Experience
  • Cargill International Trading Associate Director, Cargill Risk Management, South-East Asia & Greater China
    • Commodities (Agriculture, Energy Cross Asset Sales) & FX Sales; Structuring, pricing and Delta hedge execution
    • Spearheaded ISDA negotiations and Dodd Frank signings during on-boarding process; Led onshore China OTC market initiatives via collaboration with local onshore banks and other RMS providers
    • Originated and structured the first SICOM EUR Rubber Accumulator trade with a European Plantation within 3 months
    • Originated the first offshore ZCE Rapeseed Oil option trade with an energy trader in Singapore

  • Olam International Limited OTC Derivatives Sales Trader, APAC
    • Origination, structuring and execution of FX and Commodities hedging solutions for corporate APAC clients with key focus in South-East Asia and China (Established flows of annual USD 1mio profit and USD 300mio hedging notional within 2 years from scratch)
    • Products include Vanilla Swaps, FX Forwards and Exotics – Accumulators, Range Accruals, Asian/Compo Swaps, etc.
    • Built relationships with internal stakeholders (Compliance, Credit, Legal) and personally took part in ISDA negotiations
    • Managed clients’ overall portfolio through active management of Options Greeks
Coaching Experience
  • Advising Interns who enter, guiding them to achieve maximum effectiveness
  • 3 hours a week

Travis's Specialisation

Coaches can cover a variety of topics based on your needs. 

  • Career Mapping

    Our career mapping strategy planning will help you build a clear, detailed pathway of how to get where you want to be.

  • Networking Coaching

    Get insights on the latest methods of networking in the post-Covid world, to meet and impress professionals.

  • Technicals Coaching

    If you need someone to teach you the ins-and-outs of a highly technical job, this Coach will be more than suited for the job!

  • Aceing Your Internship

    Know how to prep for your internship and best position yourself for the coveted return offer.

  • Life Experience

    Understand the perspectives & journey that this Coach has walked through to get to where they are now.

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