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On-Demand Knowledge
for your Career Success

Access 30+ hours of on-demand video content across the most competitive industries

*Available with Kinobi Lite, Standard & Premium. ​


Introductory Pathway
  • Management Consulting 101
  • Investment Banking 101 
  • Private Banking 101
  • Technology Sales 101
  • … 
Management Consulting
  • Introduction to MC & Cases
  • Profitability Cases
  • Market Sizing Cases
  • Market Entry Cases 
  • Live Mock Interview
Investment Banking
  • Introduction to IB
  • Financial Analysis
  • Valuation Methodologies
  • Modelling Fundamentals
  • Live Mock Interview
Private Banking
  • Introduction to PB
  • Asset Classes & Products
  • Value as RM and Counsellor
  • Relationship Building
  • Live Mock Interview
Sales & Trading
  • Introduction to S&T 
  • Understanding Macros
  • Strategies & Technicals
  • Value Adding
  • Live Mock Interview
Venture Capital
  • Introduction to VC
  • Start-ups & VCs in Asia
  • Qualifying & Negotiating Deals
  • Building the Investment Memo
  • Live Mock Interview
Technology Sales
  • Introduction to Tech Sales
  • Know Your…
  • Dealing with Leads
  • Creating & Executing Strategy
  • Live Mock Interview

Need an Industry Recommendation?

Our Curriculum is second to none.

We have crafted each curriculum with direct inputs from our coaches who come from industry’s best in Asia.

Get smart on the basics of each industry. Ensure you’re well prepared before any networking event, coaching session or interviews.


You may gain access to the full curriculum by subscribiing to Kinobi Lite, Kinobi Standard or Kinobi Premium. For more information on membership packages, please click here

The curriculum has been prepared in conjunction with our coaches who represent the industry’s best in Asia. This ensures that the curriculum produced is up-to-date and contains the most high-quality information available in the market.

We have prepared an Introductory Pathway for those who are keen on viewing a teaser. You may access the Introductory Pathway here.

To access the pathway, you need to set up a Kinobi Free account. You may do so here.

The curriculum is optimized to maximimize your learning. The content has been split into digestable 10-20 minute session chunks and quizzes to help retain knowledge learnt through the curriculum. 

Our highest-achieving members benefit most from having a combination of both curriculum (knowledge) and 1:1 coaching sessions (application).

That said, we do understand that each individual has their own learning style and needs. Feel free to contact us here for a free consultation so we may best recommend a membership package suited to your needs.

We are differently positioned due to 3 main factors:

(i) Relevance: Our curriculum is built in sync with coaches in Asia while other players typically represent a US or Europe-centric view.

(ii) Multi-facetness: Our curriculum is built in sync with coaches from multiple firms while others typically represent a single person or company’s view.

(iii) One-stop: We pair both curriculum and coaches to provide members with a holistic learning experience. One is not as effective without the other. 

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